Market Pulse on May 20th

Olivier Rigot, EMC Gestion de Fortune

1 minute de lecture

S&P 500 3901,30 +0,57.

Last week, although the market was already deeply oversold, prices didn’t manage to rebound successfully. Friday, the stock market found a tentative support at 3800 and rebounded to close almost unchanged. There is still a valid scenario for a recovery up to 4200 to relieve the oversold conditions of the stock market. Internal momentum as measured by the cumulative advance/decline line continues to be weak although a slight positive divergence may emerge confirming the short term upside potential. Options traders continue to buy puts as measured by put/call ratios that stand at near historic buy levels.

Very short term oscillator Negative -
Short term oscillator Negative -
RVI trend Negative -
Trend short term (5 days)

Down ​

Trend mid term (8 days)

Down ​

Differential of trends

Down ​

Risk profile 33 (scale of 1 (low risk) to 100 (high risk))


Next update: Wednesday 8th June 2022

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