Market Pulse on July 21st

Olivier Rigot, EMC Gestion de Fortune

1 minute de lecture

S&P 500 4358,69 +35,63.

Market participants continued to buy agressively and pushed prices up as measured by our buying/selling index, our fear/greed index and our capitulation index. All components of our  short-term trading model turned positive, a rare occurrence. Breadth closed on a strong note: 3003 stocks closed up compared to 1048 that settled down. Options trading closed neutral to cautious. The weekly survey among private investors is back to the neutral level with an equal split between bulls, bears and those adopting a neutral attitude.

Very short term oscillator Positive +
Short term oscillator Positive +
RVI trend Positive +
Trend short term (5 days) Up
Trend mid term (8 days) Up
Differential of trends Up
Risk profile6 56 (scale of 1 (low risk) to 100 (high risk))

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