Market Pulse on December 15th

Olivier Rigot, EMC Gestion de Fortune

1 minute de lecture

S&P 500 4709,85 +75,76.

Although the Fed adopted a strong tone, there is no doubt that the US central bank is far behind the curve at this stage of the cycle and the tools of the monetary policy have no influence on the global supply/demand imbalance that is actually impairing the global economy. Inflation may start to dent on the purchasing power of consumers around the world, this is not the good outcome to fight inflation…

The stock market may well close the year on a strong note as investors and portfolio managers are doing some window dressing before the 31st of December to show that they have the winners of the year in their portfolios. The weekly survey among private investors may well help the market as the bull to bear ratio is favorable. Options trading is neutral.

Very short term oscillator Negative -
Short term oscillator Positive +
RVI trend Positive +
Trend short term (5 days) Up ​
Trend mid term (8 days) Up ​
Differential of trends Up ​
Risk profile 52 (scale of 1 (low risk) to 100 (high risk))

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