Market Pulse on April 28th

Olivier Rigot, EMC Gestion de Fortune

1 minute de lecture

S&P 500 4287,5 +103.

Prices jumped as the market worked out a deep oversold status, helped by supports that held. Nevertheless, the stock market is not out of the woods as the list of stocks hitting fresh new lows continues to be impressive (NYSE 523, Nasdaq 831). Big tech stocks are now hit by corporate results that are not anymore up to investor’s expectations. Are the more or less ten leading stocks of the Nasdaq market going to be the next fifty-nifty stocks of the 2020’s? Time will tell. Put/call ratios have improved this week as options traders have become more cautious than at the beginning of the year. The weekly survey of professional active portfolios managers points out also a more cautious attitude from this category of investors.

Very short term oscillator Negative -
Short term oscillator Negative -
RVI trend Negative -
Trend short term (5 days)

Down ​

Trend mid term (8 days)

Down ​

Differential of trends

Down ​

Risk profile 34 (scale of 1 (low risk) to 100 (high risk))

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