SFI Master Class «Machine Learning and AI: Applications in Banking and Finance»

Swiss Finance Institute

1 minutes de lecture

27 - 27 sep 2019


The Master Class explores how ML/AI will reshape the financial sector.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) are disrupting the financial sector in an unprecedented manner. The Master Class explores how ML/AI will reshape the financial sector. The class starts with a review of the ML/AI workflow. Easy-to-grasp explanations of available ML/AI algorithms and trends will demystify the ML/AI language. A deep dive into use cases and applications in banking and finance and collaborative group work to identify future applications will illustrate how ML/AI can benefit the participant in her/his organization.

The discussion will be conducted by Prof. Dr. Norman Schürhoff, SFI Senior Chair, University of Lausanne.

Following the Master Class, participants are invited to a networking aperitif.

Content of the Master Class
  • What is ML/AI?
    - Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) workflow
    - ML/AI algorithms available today: Supervised regression/classification, semi-supervised, unsupervised learning
    - Trends in ML/AI technologies: Auto-ML, De-Blackboxing, Open-source AI
  • What are applications, opportunities, and challenges for ML/AI in banking & finance?
    - Applications in risk management, Investment management, Early warning systems, Fraud and money-laundering prevention, Customer service/Digital assistants, Underwriting and trade settlement, Algorithmic trading, etc.
  • How can ML/AI help me and my organization?
    - Case studies & development of future use cases
    - Showcasing & hands-on experience in ML/AI
  • Current issues: Organization issues, Competition aspects, Data portability and open Banking
Conference address

Hôtel Beau-Rivage
Quai du Mont-Blanc 13
1201 Genève

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