Global Investment Forum Geneva

ACE & Company

1 minutes de lecture

09 - 10 juin 2021


Theme 2021: leading with purpose.

All over the world we are observing rising ethnic, environmental, demographic. politic and economic tensions leading to a context of massive uncertainty, instability and volatility. In addition, the way we live, work and relate to one another as individuals is evolving as fast as our adoption of disruptive technologies, now fusing physical, digital and biological universes.

This results in critical challenges to solve but also in major opportunities to build on, requiring a new leadership paradigm to drive societies and institutions towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

In these turbulent times with unprecedent changes, leaders must transform their organisations to stay relevant and competitive, empowering people and increasing collaboration. The most successful business leaders are the ones focusing on a strong valuable cause that their teams and stakeholders can trustfully embrace.

We strongly believe that Leading with Purpose is the key to navigate the complexities of today and tomorrow, with everybody on board rowing in the same direction for a meaningful impact.

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