Tokenisation of assets - The future of asset management?

Asset Management Platform Switzerland

1 minutes de lecture

29 - 29 avr 2019


The Asset Management Greenhouse Event series connects investment professionals that share common values and support the goal of making Switzerland an even more attractive location for both asset managers and investors.

Asset tokenisation is currently one of the biggest trends in the financial world. From real estate to art, tokenisation is likely to bring about a fundamental shift in the way in which we invest in assets. Investment tokens that, for example, embody ownership rights in respect of assets such as companies, properties or artworks are thus especially significant. Will tokenisation transform the financial world in general and asset management in particular? Seasoned experts discuss access to new investment opportunities, regulatory requirements and Switzerland’s pioneering role in this field.

This event is free of charge.

Forum address

Konferenzgebäude UBS, Grünenhof
Nüschelerstrasse 9
8001 Zürich

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